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Lockdown Style April 25 2020

The saying  ‘There’s no place like home’ has never been so true than at this present moment. It’s most definitely the safest place to be too. We’re working from home, teaching from home, exercising from home and entertaining ourselves (and kids, animals, husbands) at home. 

Lockdown Style Zip Upholstery Alcester

Has your chair seen better days? April 21 2020

There are many reasons customers require my Bespoke Upholstery Services. It’s either because they have inherited a piece of furniture with sentimental value or it might be recovering a sofa that’s really comfy, and a lovely shape but has seen better days and needs a fresher more modern look. 

Has your chair seen better days - Bespoke Upholstery Warwickshire


How to look after your Upholstered Footstool March 13 2020

When I deliver a client's Handmade Footstool to them, I always like to guide and advise on the best way to keep the bespoke footstool in mint condition - without ruining the fabric. So I’ve put together my 3 step guide to looking after your reupholstered footstool. 

Zip Upholstery Deep Buttoned Bespoke Footstool

What is Modern Upholstery? March 07 2020

What is the difference between Modern & Traditional Upholstery - well quite a lot actually? But 1st of all, let's look at what is Traditional Upholstery?

The 5 Stages of Modern Upholstery February 25 2020

With Modern Re-Upholstery, there are so many elements to consider - it’s not just about the item looking right, it’s about the integrity and condition of say a wing back chair or footstool - that needs to be right. 

5 Stages of Modern Upholstery

Reupholstering vs Buying New February 20 2020

I’m sitting here in my workshop pondering ‘Reupholstering Vs Buying New’ and how many times this question is searched on the internet each month. 


My New Website & New Name February 15 2020

Welcome to Zip Upholstery. Zip has had a bit of a makeover - a new website and refresh to the name and I’m super excited to share my news with you all.