What is Modern Upholstery?

What is the difference between Modern & Traditional Upholstery - well quite a lot actually? 

1st of all, what is Traditional Upholstery? Well, it’s an age-old craft that resembles upholstering furniture in the styles of the 19th century (or sometimes earlier), it involves using hand tools and traditional methods, you would normally see traditional upholstery used on an antique piece of furniture.

Modern Upholstery is using a mixture of some traditional methods but mixed with modern fillings such as foam, staples and contemporary fillings.

Modern Upholstery doesn’t require a lot of intricate sewing and horsehair stuffing, it’s a way of modernising an item of furniture with an array of techniques, such as buttonholing and piping, you can also achieve a crisper more contemporary look with foam than you can with more traditional fillings.

With Modern Upholstery, I use pre-treated stuffing such as foam and polyester wadding. With these stuffing methods, it's all about the layers, which allows for a much faster application and allows me to create some really flexible shapes. I’m not a purist either way though, I will always do the right thing for the piece I’m working on, if the springs are intact and the stuffing is in good shape and suits the piece I will work with that, I really like the idea of a traditional and modern craft coming together to create something that will last for another generation.

So to cover off the benefits of Modern Upholstery compared to Traditional Upholstery.  

  • Turnaround is quicker
  • Soft and flexible
  • Cheaper 
  • A vast array of materials
  • Flexible designs

So, if you’ve got an item that’s just sitting in the back of your room, unloved and in need of some pizzazz - get in touch. 

I’d be happy to provide you with a quote online or call me on 07956 173747. I can even visit you in your own home for a more detailed consultation and to see your item in the flesh. I’m based in Alcester, Warwickshire but I can cover Solihull, Henley in Arden, Redditch, Stratford Upon Avon & Birmingham.